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On behalf of the South Carolina Free Will Baptist Home for Children, thank you for your love and support for the Home these many years. Through much prayer and the process of a difficult decision, the South Carolina Free Will Baptist State Association voted at their annual meeting on February 28, 2014, to close the Home for Children. Due to the Home not being able to operate at full capacity at the current flow of income and expenses, this very difficult decision had to be made. The Feasibility Study Committee appointed on November 19, 2013, has been extended until the next South Carolina Free Will Baptist State Association meeting in February 2015. This page has been set up as information and as a method for you as a loyal prayer partner and supporter of the ministry to share your thoughts and ideas with the Feasibility Study Committee. Due to the number of calls and emails and a limited staff on hand, the Feasibility Study Committee will not be able to respond to each contact or email, but we are willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions. The property at the Home over the next year, until a more permanent decision can be made, will continue to have financial needs such as utilities, insurance, and employee costs. If you would like to send a donation to help with these cost in 2014 during this transition time, please forward any gifts to the FWB Home for Children, PO Box 229, Turbeville, SC 29162. Any and all gifts to help through this process and transition time are greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for your prayers and for the love and loyalty that you have shown to the FWB Home for Children these many years.

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